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Recruitment for full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programmes 2023/2024 for foreigners

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Management and Production Engineering - full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programme in English

Organizational unit Faculty of Management and Computer Modelling
Field of studies Management and Production Engineering
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle (Bachelor)
Language(s) of instruction English
Duration 3,5 years (7 semesters)
Recruitment committee address aleja Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, budynek C
25-314 Kielce
WWW address https://wzimk.tu.kielce.pl/wzimk/studia/programy-obowiazujace-od-2023-24/management-and-production-engineering/
Required document
  • Maturity or equivalent document
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  • Phase 1 (03.04.2023 08:00 – 15.09.2023 23:59)

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Management and Production Engineering

The interdisciplinary study programme in Management and Production Engineering is provided in response to the continuing growth in a circular digital economy and the clear need to provide highly-qualified graduates who can combine managerial with engineering knowledge and skills. A circular digital economy requires the high quality of employees capable of undertaking tasks arising from the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, production in line with Industry 5.0 and the implementation of the principle of sustainable development.

Management and Production Engineering is a 3.5 years full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programme in English, open to national and international secondary school students. To facilitate this, the programme is organised into 7 semesters and covers mandatory and optional courses in two specialisations:

  • Production and Innovation Management,
  • Computer Science in Management and Modelling.

Alumni competencies:

  • managerial knowledge and expertise in production engineering,
  • skills in managing technical and organizational functions such as: improving production, systems, operational systems, management systems, staff selection and training, cost management, project management, marketing, logistics, financial management, and tangible investments,
  • launching and running one's own business in the field of production and services,
  • proficiency in using modern computer techniques,
  • designing and implementing product innovations and within business processes, including eco-innovations.

Employment prospects:

  • management staff in manufacturing, service, and commercial enterprises,
  • R&D departments of national and international corporations,
  • government and local government administration units,
  • consulting firms, including those involved in innovative and eco-innovative projects utilizing financial resources from external organizations, including the European Union,
  • launching and running one's own business.


We do hope that you will enjoy studying Management and Production Engineering within a stimulating environment of researchers and students, and a broad network of regional and international partners at Kielce University of Technology and that you will find it a creative and valuable experience.

Dr Hab. Eng. Magdalena Rybaczewska-Błażejowska, Prof. 

Programme Director

Required documents:

  1. valid passport (pages with photo and personal data)
  2. scan of the secondary school certificate with Legalization/Apostille and the annotation (or as a separate document) stating, that the certificate entitles to apply for admission to degree programmes at universities of every type in the country in which you received the above mentioned certificate
  3. Eligibility statement signed by the relevant institution.
  4. Statement of obligation to complete degree recognition process
  5. Information about secondary education for degree recognition purposes
  6. English certificate – (with exception if candidate is from an English speaking country or previous education was conducted fully in English language) or Polish certificate if a foreigner wants to study in Polish
  7. Medical certificate
  8. Signed Application Letter
  9. Bachelor diploma which entitles you to apply for master degree in country where bachelor diploma was awarded (regards ONLY candidates for master degree)
  10. Transcript of records with grading scale (regards ONLY candidates for master degree)
  11. Insurance policy against sickness and accidents for the period of candidate’s education in Poland, or European Health Insurance Card, or agreement with National Health Fund


  • Tuition fee for course in English = €1,000 per semester
  • Tuition fee for course in Polish = €500 per semester
  • Application fee = €20
  • Application fee for Architecture = €35