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Recruitment for full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programmes 2023/2024 for foreigners

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Recruitment for the academic year 2023/2024

Dear International Candidates!

We kindly ask you to review the admission procedures carefully before you start your application process.

According to Polish law, a foreigner is a person of a citizenship other than Polish. A holder of a few citizenships, including Polish, is treated on the territory of Poland as a Polish citizen. Any person who does not have Polish citizenship shall be regarded as a foreigner.

Department of International Cooperation
tel.: +48 41 34 24 789;
       +48 41 34 24 773

First cycle studies are completed in Poland with the professional title of a bachelor or engineer. A graduate of first level studies, after defending a diploma thesis, in the light of the Polish Classification of Education (PKE) Act, receives higher professional education.

First cycle studies require graduation from high school and passing the matura exam, and ends with the defense of the diploma thesis. Bachelor's studies last six semesters (3 years), and engineering studies seven to eight semesters (3.5 - 4 years). Completion of these studies allows you to continue your education in second-cycle studies.


  • Tuition fee for course in English = €1,000 per semester
  • Tuition fee for course in Polish = €500 per semester
  • Application fee = €20
  • Application fee for Architecture = €35
This registration has been put on hold. The possibility of applying will be restored shortly.

Registration phases


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No. Offer Phase 1
26 Renewable Energy Sources - full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programme from: 03.04.2023 08:00
to: 15.09.2023 23:59
27 Safety Engineering - full-time first cycle (Bachelor) study programme from: 03.04.2023 08:00
to: 15.09.2023 23:59
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